A New Year – A New Look

For me to be a saint means to be myself.  Therefore the problem of sanctity and salvation is in fact the problem of finding out who I am and of discovering my true self.  (Thomas Merton, “New Seeds of Contemplation)

Alancetotheheart has been quite the journey.  I started this blog in June 2013 with the intent of sharing my discoveries as I picked my way through the law versus grace minefield.  I wanted to show people who God is good, really good.  I wanted to reveal a God who is good in the truest sense.  I don’t mean good like “it is good to kill people we don’t like to protect good people.”  That is never good and is a fallen way of thinking.  That kind of thinking has kept us in bondage to violence and hate and division and exclusion and so much more.  I wanted to show a God who is Love.  I wanted to show a God who is loving.  And again not the “God loves us enough to give us cancer so we can learn a lesson.”  That isn’t love, that is stupid logic that comes from forbidden fruit and is rooted in superstition and fear.  Unconditional love is forgiving and merciful and kind and generous and non-judgmental and humble and wonderful.  That is who God is.  We missed Him completely in our fallen nature.  When we missed Him we missed ourselves.

What I found out along the way surprised me.  I didn’t think I was on a journey to be free of religion, but that is exactly what happened.  I discovered so many fallen Adam concepts in our approach to God and ourselves.  The ancient mythological and distorted concepts create illusions of separation and paint God as a monster that must kill His own Son to satisfy His blood lust and submit to a greater g.o.d. called justice.  That isn’t Godly justice.  It is fallen human cosmology and jurisprudence.  It is warped and damaging and just not true.  Even concepts like sin and justice and judgment and heaven and hell are all confused in a cesspool of religious nonsense that has mankind still hiding in the bushes like Adam and Eve.  In many ways we haven’t progressed beyond our fallen insistence on blessings and curses and carrying sheaves of grain and killing animals to please an angry g.o.d.  I didn’t expect to discover those things on this journey, but here I am.

You can read through the old posts and follow the revelation.  You will find my  perspective changes along the way.  But truthfully my thinking about God, my faith in WHO He is hasn’t changed but my paradigm has.  I started from within the religious paradigm and as I shed layer upon layer of religious fiction, I found a freedom to step out of that paradigm and “see” more clearly the God that I always knew, deep inside, was my Abba.  I do love my Abba so much.  He is totally awesome and infinitely loving and absolutely the most amazing Father, brother, sister, lover, spirit, creator…that you can’t imagine.  And that is our faith.  We have glimpses but not the complete picture.  As we get free from the bondage of fear, we step into the reality of Love and we begin to recognize a God within us that is beyond our comprehension.  You will see that progression through the posts, I hope.  Even now I am writing a book that hopefully captures the journey.

So now with a new year and an ever-increasing awareness of who God is and who we are in union with Him, I want to shift.  I want to continue a discovery of “what now.”  It is one thing to be free from religion and embrace a loving God, but now what do we do?  What is our life and our path?  What is it we were meant to do anyway?  How do I operate and learn and grow in a union with a God I can’t even grasp in His true form?  I say we find out together.  I say we start a “new journey” of discovery about ourselves and our God.  Free of the bondage of religion, we can explore the depths of His love and His presence and His infinite nature.  I think it will be a fun journey.  I am excited about what God will show us and I believe we will all experience an eternal personal transformation.

Another goal in this new year is to keep it short.  Really, that is hard for me because I like to have a complete thought.  I like to have a supposition, a supporting data section and a conclusion section.  That is hard to do in a short post but I am willing to trust what God will reveal in just a few words.  I hope that will encourage you to share with friends and loved ones and more.  Already this post is too long so let me leave you with a bit of wisdom.  As always take it or leave it or dump it or embrace it.  I never claim to be right but I always strive to honest, open and transparent.  This is how we learn.

Our true self is in union with God.  Jesus makes this clear.  At the center of our true self is God.  So at the end of my finite is the beginning of His infinite.  We come to know our true self and we are actually approaching the unknown.  We come to the horizon of our understanding to find the source of all understanding.  We come to know ourselves and we discover God.  So to know God we have to know ourselves.  To know ourselves we have to know God.  That place of knowing is beyond our ability to know because God is infinitely bigger than our knowing.  Only the grace of God can bring us to the place of Him.  We are willing in faith and intent but our effort only distracts us from His truth.  So our journey is in relationship with our Abba to discover who we are in union with the divine.  Knowing our true self is our sanctification and our salvation.  This is the gold of the refiners fire.  This is our eternal existence.  This is our eternal identity.

In the next post I want to present a new way to see ourselves.  I’ll introduce you to Trudy and Judy and Lena.  You will love it.

Yay God!


P.S.  Please leave comments.  Since the posts are shorter (or should be) now you have time to engage in a conversation.  I won’t debate.  I’ll answer questions if I know answers.  The conversation in the comments might reveal something none of us saw before.

3 thoughts on “A New Year – A New Look

  1. Be still and know. I’m so excited about this “new journey.” Very happy you’re starting up the blog again and love the direction you plan to take. Now let’s see where that direction takes us! 🙂

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  2. Yay!! This is going to be really fun!! Thanks for taking us along with you on your journey. We all get to travel together and love each other along the way . . .and how much fun it is to find ourselves and to find God in the deepest parts of us! Amazing freedom. Something I never would have believed existed.

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  3. I like your goals, bro. Like John Crowder said, we’re in the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse. :)When the deconstruction of our Zombie religion is complete, it’s time to build the new city.

    It’s also good to keep things short. Like you, I would like to write 4,000 word posts, but most people don’t read anything over about 800 words. They need to read what you’re discovering…give them the new wine in smaller glasses, to sip and savor.

    Here’s to the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse and the New Day! Cheers!

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