Divine Superfood

When I was in the Navy I was required to complete periodic physiology training.  Flying fighter jets is a physically demanding job in a potentially dangerous environment.  Not only will an abrupt intersection with a mountain (crash) kill you, the very cockpit you sit in could kill you.  Because you fly at high altitudes you need a pressurized cabin and supplemental oxygen.  If you lose either or both bad stuff starts to happen.  At altitude you lack what you need to function…oxygen.  When the pressure drops the percentage of available oxygen drops.  This is why climbing mountains is such a strenuous endeavor.  So we had to get a refresher every 4 years to familiarize us with the signs and symptoms of oxygen starvation (hypoxia).

Maybe you remember the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman?”  There is one scene where the “candidates” have to go into the pressure chamber and experience hypoxia first hand.  Of course there are many things about the movie that aren’t accurate but the pressure chamber is something we did to explore our own reactions to hypoxia.  The paradox is when you are being starved of oxygen you are “dying” in a way and your senses suffer.  So you are trying to discern a lack of information??  Colors start to fade.  Your fingers get numb.  Your hear a rushing sound in your ears so you don’t hear so good.  You get a funny metallic taste in your mouth.  Sometimes you detect a stale or ammonia like smell.  All your senses are affected and so is your brain.  You stop thinking clearly.  Some people experience euphoria and others experience panic.  Either way you stop caring about your situation and become infatuated with something that isn’t real.

Then you put on your mask, take a deep breath of pure oxygen and WOW is it a rush.  Vivid colors come back with depth and shades and texture.  Those funny sounds and smells leave. Your fingers warm up and return to normal.  Your whole body is alive and breathing and more aware of your sense than when you walked into the chamber.  Your brain clears and a true peace takes over.  You experience a bliss and a calm that brings such clarity of thought.  You are perfectly focused and completely aware of everything at the exclusion of nothing.  It is quite the experience.

If you are a runner or an endurance athlete you have experience a similar thing with the addition of endorphins.  On a long distance run you are working at an oxygen starved level.  When you stop and your body catches up…it is remarkable how good you feel.

Maybe you don’t run or fly jets but you have dieted.  If you have ever been really strict with your diet and lowered your carbohydrates to the minimum, your body goes into consumption mode.  You are consuming your own “flesh” which you hope is mostly fat.  This is a deficit condition.  You feel better because you are flushing out all the Big Macs and French fries but you are a little tire and weak and maybe even cloudy in the noggin.  Now diet is over or you have a splurge moment.  Chocolate cake!  Come on, doesn’t that sound good?  One biet and whoosh, away you go into carbohydrate bliss.  You can feel the surge of instant brain clarity, surging energy in your veins, ready to climb mount Everest kind of response to a tiny piece of cake.

Are you with me?

The current fad is Superfood.  I think God just calls that food.  His perfect food already came in its own wrapper like a cucumber.  Anyway, that isn’t what this post is about.  Instead I want to talk about consuming the perfect Divine Superfood.

In the last few posts I have discussed this perfect union we have with Jesus.  We have all the Godhead in us.  We have the fullness of God in us.  We are in Him and He is in us.  One died and all died.  We all went to the cross, into the tomb and came out a new creation.  We were all joined to Jesus because Jesus became a man and joined Himself to mankind.  Jesus came to do what mankind could not do.  Jesus was our vote, our action, our decision.  We may not like it but we are in the family.  We are born from above with Jesus in a manger and stepping out of a tomb.  Jesus was raised again still one with mankind.  We are included.  We cannot be rejected.  Of course we can reject Him.  We can remain in unbelief.  We can reject His forgiveness.  Hell is living in rejection of Him in this life and the one to follow.  Still we are joined to Him.  We are in Him.  We are His kids.

So I had a moment of revelation about Jesus and His discussion of drinking His blood and eating His flesh (John 6).  I believe we are inexplicably joined to the superfood of Jesus. I’m not coming into relationship.  That was completed in Jesus.  I am drinking more deeply from the bottle of the union I already have. I am so connected to Him that there is nothing of His nature I can’t drink into my reality. What am I drinking?  This reality:

We are one flesh. I am a blended body of two parents. I am a descendent of man and a descendent of God. I have been born from God and merged with man. I am like Jesus because I am joined to Jesus because Jesus joined himself to me. The very source of goodness is my Dad. The very source of goodness runs in my veins. My weakness in my human nature  is nothing compared to the wine I am drinking in Him. I am so one with Him that his awesomeness is saturating my very self. Not only am a child but I am drinking from the source. As a child I am plugged into the source of awesome. When I drink his blood I am drinking in His awesome, His straight undiluted blood of infinite life. I am taking in 200 proof fantastic. Jesus wakes up everyday fantastic. He looks in the mirror and sees awesome. He can fix anything. He is so accepted by His triune family that he never ever feels rejected. I am drinking that superjiuce.

In the same way I consume His flesh as superfood.  What does eating look like?  I think on these things:

I eat his flesh because he is the substance of provision. His merger with me is God’s provision. His flesh is awesome. Perfect-man flesh is perfect food. No additives, no preservatives, no GMO,  no steroids, no dirt, no nasty anything. His food doesn’t require fertilizer since it is fertilizer.  His flesh makes everything better.  He is perfect food. I am eating his superflesh. God joins mankind and makes mankind holy.  God touches curses and makes blessings.  God breaks chains of poisonous lies and feeds us with glorious truth.  Jesus body was and is glorified.  His flesh contains, exudes, leaks and is the substance of glory…manifest goodness…the really good stuff. It is Disneyland every day in a park that never ends.  It is Christmas morning with presents that never run out.  He is your new-born baby in your arms, a hug from your 5 year old, a smile from that one you admire, a fresh breeze on a warm spring morning…yes…that good.

His blood is my intoxicating union, the source of life, the pure uncut goodness of God. His flesh is my perfect food not contaminated by anything. His flesh is what it looks like when God becomes man, joins man, holiness meets Adam at the cellular level. His blood is straight from the life source. It is intoxicating because one tiny drop brings life to anything it touches. Color, texture, dimension, clarity, ecstasy, beauty and so much more hits us full force like oxygen to a deprived body, like cake to the carbohydrate starved dieter.

We need to consume the divine superfood.  We need to think about and dream about how good God really is.  We need to see all those who are included.  We need to see Jesus in everyone.  We need to see that God included the little Muslim girl who never had a chance to hear about Jesus.  He included the woman standing next to her hut in the tiny nation of way-out-there.  He included the one you love that has never set foot into your church.  He has included the dear friend who says they hate religion and anything to do with religion.  They are all forgiven.  They are all a new creation.  They all are in union with Jesus.  They are all one moment from realizing it in this life and stepping into a salvation life.  They will all meet Jesus face to face and see His goodness, His glory in all its splendor.  There will be some that never accept Him.  There are some that will chose the Hell of rejecting Him.  At some point God will let them go.  Still even they are included.  God never gives up.  Jesus is the proof and the way.  That is pretty amazing divine superfood.

Yay God!


2 thoughts on “Divine Superfood

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! When I “see” it I want to bottle it and give it away. Not sure “it” works that way. There is more coming for all of us. We just need to keep feasting on His amazing goodness! Lance

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