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Who is the judge, really?

God has always been with us. He has never been apart from us. His everywhere is so unmistakable and incredible that to put Him elsewhere is unimaginable. How could the one who holds all things together be apart from what He holds together. If He is actively participating in the maintenance and sustaining of His…

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I don’t see what you see

Note:  This has been the most popular post ever.  It has at least 10 times more views than any other post.  I am curious how you got here and why.  Leave a comment if you are so compelled.  Also check out more recent posts here. Dan Mohler has this amazing testimony about his wife and…

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Isaac was standing under the apple tree when an apple fell on his head.  He declared, Eureka!  He had discovered gravity.  Well, that is how the story goes.  I bet there was more to it than just a bump on the head. When we get a deeper revelation of Jesus it is the same thing.…

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