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Spirit-man Exercise

In the last post I talked about how “suffering” and “glory” are related.  Remember the suffering of Christ is the opposition we encounter when we bring a good and loving God into the world.  That is what they did to Jesus.  The religious and the wisdom of man opposed Him at every turn.  Here is…

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Pump You Up!

That title makes me laugh.  I can see Hans and Frans from Saturday night live years ago with their fake muscle suits and sweats saying “we will pump you up.”  OK, for some reading this (especially not in the US) you might not have a clue about the obscure reference.  So let me bring it…

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Words with Power

Have you every met anyone that was “all talk and no action?”  I bet you have.  I worked out a lot in college with weights, I mean all the time.  I drank the protein, did the routines, pumped iron twice a day and all that stuff.  So I spent most of my free time in the…

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