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Did can kill able?

Our identity is found in Jesus.  Our ability is found in Jesus.  Our wisdom is found in Jesus.  Our power is found in Jesus.  Our beginnings are found in Jesus. Did you know our “can” kills our “able,” just like Cain who killed Abel?  Abel knew his righteousness was from God through faith: Heb 11:4…

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He meets us where we are.

God meets us where we are. That is amazing if you can see it. Jesus came to the earth as a man. Yes he lived a sinless life and was a perfect example of a humbled, surrendered Son of God. But think about this: We, mankind, were afraid of God because of our sin and…

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Love Mime

God is a lover not a lawyer. The law was our idea of a relationship. We ate from the wrong tree and we desired law over relationship at Mount Sinai. God’s plan has always been grace. Look at the garden before the fall, He provided. Look at His relationship with Abraham 400 years before the…

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