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Going Beyond the Prism

The following is a chapter from “The Flip Side.”  If you haven’t read the last post, I recommend you read it so you have context for this chapter.

For years I practiced and practiced to be a good golfer. Golf can be so frustrating and at the same time extremely gratifying. Like so much of our temporal life as a journey of awakening, Golf is a game of opposites and the harder you try the less progress you make, or so it seems.

Maybe you aren’t a golfer and this allegory doesn’t work for you, but I bet you have experienced something similar, maybe many times. The ever-present moment has a way of invading our unconsciousness to bring light into the darkness. Maybe it is a song on the radio, a sunset, a beautiful scene, or an intimate moment in a relationship…or maybe hitting a golf ball.
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Go ahead and ask a question

One of the beautiful things about Jesus is He gives us permission to ask questions.  This is what happens in a relationship.  No bride and groom or brother and sister or father and child would be without conversation.  Fathers especially … Continue reading

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Abram and Sarai Petals

In the last post, “Zuzu’s Petals,” I used a familiar story to talk about how perspective is so important.  When we see something or experience something we have an opinion, always.  It is highly probable that what we think we … Continue reading

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