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Dying to live…

When the ego is constricted or constrained or squeezed, it will respond.  The ego's job is to respond to conflict in order for the biological unit to survive.  Consciousness focuses its attention on the form and through the form.  "God" can't help but willingly give "himself" to the identity of form because "God is love."  The dreamer looses himself in the character of the dream.  Like the prodigal son story, the father willingly gives himself (his inheritance and identity) to the son so the son can take his journey of discovery to find himself as the son of the father.

When the ego or the false self or the illusory identity is constricted the response is to either grow stronger as an ego (the sun is still resisting the gravity within) or the ego will collapse (gravity wins and a Supernova is born).  Many who have awakened did so as a result of great tragedy or trauma or fear or collapse of their egoic identity.  The stronger ego will continue the cycle until it collapses (maybe in another life or just prior to physical death).  With the collapsed ego, awareness emerges through the physical form as the "light of the world" Jesus described.

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Going Beyond the Prism

Matt 6:22 Our perception is what guides our physical form. If we perceive from the truth of unity or oneness then our physical form is guided by oneness. If our perception is lost to a separate-self illusion, then our physical form is guided by unconsciousness. If our guide is unconsciousness then we are lost to unconsciousness. We can’t entertain two guides. We will hate one and love the other or be devoted to one and reject the other. We can’t be guided by eternal truth and the illusion of forms at the same time. (LLT)

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Go ahead and ask a question

One of the beautiful things about Jesus is He gives us permission to ask questions.  This is what happens in a relationship.  No bride and groom or brother and sister or father and child would be without conversation.  Fathers especially are riddled with questions from their five-year-old child.  That is how it is supposed to…

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Abram and Sarai Petals

In the last post, “Zuzu’s Petals,” I used a familiar story to talk about how perspective is so important.  When we see something or experience something we have an opinion, always.  It is highly probable that what we think we know is only part of the story.  Our minds will fill in the blanks based…

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