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Pointers to the Formless: lost in thought

From the contemplative point of view, being lost in thoughts of any kind, pleasant or unpleasant, is analogous to being asleep and dreaming. It’s a mode of not knowing what is actually happening in the present moment. It is essentially a form of psychosis. Thoughts themselves are not a problem, but being identified with thought is. Taking oneself to be the thinker of one’s thoughts—that is, not recognizing the present thought to be a transitory appearance in consciousness—is a delusion that produces nearly every species of human conflict and unhappiness. It doesn’t matter if your mind is wandering over current problems in set theory or cancer research; if you are thinking without knowing you are thinking, you are confused about who and what you are. “Waking Up” Sam Harris

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Sojourn Supplants Stoics

This is the third of a “series” about seeking an appointment with Jesus today.  We have looked at two words that have been historically associated with a second coming.  I contend that these words and concepts were intended for now, in our walk now, not for some future by and by.  Religion has pushed the power…

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Isaac was standing under the apple tree when an apple fell on his head.  He declared, Eureka!  He had discovered gravity.  Well, that is how the story goes.  I bet there was more to it than just a bump on the head. When we get a deeper revelation of Jesus it is the same thing.…

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Passion or Suffering

There are many words in the Greek that can be translated as suffering.  Some of them are obvious, unambiguous translations like this one: [Mat 16:21 KJV] 21 From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests…

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