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Jesus Judo Move

I’ve been spending time in the parables with Jesus and Robert Capon.  It has been a fantastic journey of revelation.  The more I peer into the parables with the mind of Christ I see something so powerful about His way of communicating.  Actually you can see Jesus use similar techniques in His ministry in general.  He…

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Just let it go

In the last post I talked about this verse: Luk 16:16 “The Law and the Prophets were until John; since then the good news of the kingdom of God is preached, and everyone forces his way into it.  (ESVST) I would encourage you to read that post so it makes more sense.  When someone gets a…

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take it by force

Have you ever wanted something so bad you would do anything to get it?  I bet there is something.  Maybe it is someone?  Have you been that teenaged boy or girl who would do the dumbest things to impress the other?  How about your spouse?  Have you ever made a total fool of yourself and…

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