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Upside down in love

Wrong fruit consumption is the real issue. I know I reference this often but I do believe that our consumption of the knowledge of good and evil is the problem that needs a solution. Jesus is the solution. Do we see the problem? Balance and human justice and personal fairness are products of good and…

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Disease not Damnation

When you begin to see the Gospel as Good News you begin to see differently.  Maybe you are thinking “well of course I see the Gospel as Good News since it is ‘good news’ by definition.”  I can say I knew OF the Gospel since I can remember but didn’t KNOW in person the Gospel…

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Godly Justice

God’s justice is not fair.  It really isn’t. Now that I have your attention…Let’s see if we can “see” justice differently.  What does Godly Justice look like? Did you know that my problem is God’s problem.  My issues are God’s issues.  My sinning is God’s opportunity. Rom 5:8 but God shows his love for us in…

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