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God’s one-step program

Are you in desperate need of a program?  Are you just not complete without some steps?  Do you need some guidelines to feel safe?  Do you need counseling to keep you on track?  It isn’t found in a religious club.  All those answers you are looking for are found in Jesus. We don’t need crutches.…

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The Gifts of Mercy and Grace

You know the courtroom scene.  There is the criminal found guilty and the judge is about to pass judgement and sentence the guy for punishment.  Then the judge does a strange thing and says “you are free to go.”  Now this guy is guilty, really guilty.  He did rob the bank and shoot the teller and ……

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Moved with Compassion

Have you ever been accused of being too emotional?  Maybe someone has said “you are really passionate about xyz,” but what they are saying is “you are way too intense about xyz.”  Maybe you have felt out of place crying in public or laughing too loud in a restaurant.  Can you hear your mom telling…

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