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Love only gives

Love only gives. Love never takes. Jesus once told a story about a father who had two sons. The younger son wanted to leave home and find his independence. The father gave the son the value of his inheritance in cash. The father gave the older son what was left. The father “gave himself completely”…

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What is Jesus Evangelism?

What does Jesus evangelism look like?  The corporate “formula” for Jesus was to preach about the Kingdom of Heaven (liberation from the Kingdom of the devil, death, law and sin). What was the “formula” for Jesus to the individual?  Want to take a look?  Please read with caution it may stretch your understanding. In most western…

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The Gifts of Mercy and Grace

You know the courtroom scene.  There is the criminal found guilty and the judge is about to pass judgement and sentence the guy for punishment.  Then the judge does a strange thing and says “you are free to go.”  Now this guy is guilty, really guilty.  He did rob the bank and shoot the teller and ……

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