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Marriage vows

Being saved is a past present and future thing. I believe we have lost sight of what it means “to be saved.” Salvation is a product of relationship with Jesus who’s name means Jehovah Saves.  In the next two posts I’d like to stretch you minds to maybe see “salvation” differently than you might have been…

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The Gifts of Mercy and Grace

You know the courtroom scene.  There is the criminal found guilty and the judge is about to pass judgement and sentence the guy for punishment.  Then the judge does a strange thing and says “you are free to go.”  Now this guy is guilty, really guilty.  He did rob the bank and shoot the teller and ……

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I Do – I Get To

This weekend I get to officiate my first wedding.  That is pretty exciting and a little scary.  Of course perfect love casts out fear so filled with His love I have no fear of punishment but am a little afraid of men.  Why?  Typically the stuff said at weddings is very liturgical, very legal, very…

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