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Godly Justice

God’s justice is not fair.  It really isn’t. Now that I have your attention…Let’s see if we can “see” justice differently.  What does Godly Justice look like? Did you know that my problem is God’s problem.  My issues are God’s issues.  My sinning is God’s opportunity. Rom 5:8 but God shows his love for us in…

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Free Will…eeee!

I’ve chewed on this one for quite some time.  There is more to understand but I want to take a stab at one of the more “touchy” concepts out there. You will hear in any teaching the concept that “God gave us free will.”  We use that to make all kinds of excuses why stuff…

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Age of Innocence

What if we could be free from the knowledge of good and evil?  Is it possible?  Paul says all our flesh or selfish problems are inflamed by the law (Rom 7:5-8). What if we could return to an age of innocence where we no longer had lists and categories to live by and judge by? …

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