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Undeniable Incarnate Inclusion

Before the incarnation we had no internal intimate union with the divine triune Perfection. Now we can know God like Jesus and experience God like Jesus and be loved by God like Jesus and be an anointed son like Jesus. This is what Jeremiah was talking about. Heb 10:15 And the Holy Spirit also bears witness…

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Disease not Damnation

When you begin to see the Gospel as Good News you begin to see differently.  Maybe you are thinking “well of course I see the Gospel as Good News since it is ‘good news’ by definition.”  I can say I knew OF the Gospel since I can remember but didn’t KNOW in person the Gospel…

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The Gifts of Mercy and Grace

You know the courtroom scene.  There is the criminal found guilty and the judge is about to pass judgement and sentence the guy for punishment.  Then the judge does a strange thing and says “you are free to go.”  Now this guy is guilty, really guilty.  He did rob the bank and shoot the teller and ……

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