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Godly Judgment

In a number of posts now I have talked about how God is all about relationship.  In “Spoons and Steaks” and “More steak please” we saw how the law is not a means for justification because the law is the wrong tool and justification is relational not behavioral.  Simply said the law is the wrong utensil…

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Sons of Disobedience!

If you are just joining us I encourage you to take a look a the last three posts.  In “You Will Surely Die” I discussed how we “died” in the garden to the understanding of the goodness of God.  Joseph Prince says we were clothed with His glory and when we ate the wrong fruit…

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Rebellious Resentment Reaction

You know the scene. Here comes the meltdown. Your teenaged daughter Trish has been way out of control. She has come home late, stayed up late, not done her homework and has a new friend you’re not so sure of. So you “lay down the law” and inflict some punishment for good measure. You take…

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