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Pointers to the formless: KNOWING

Jesus used a few different words that are translated as "knowing" or "to know" in the Christian bible.  In the original language the Greek words can be translated as other than "knowing" or colors of knowing.  Sometimes Jesus "knew" something as an observation or an understanding or a perceiving.  Sometimes his "knowing" was like our modern expression of how we would describe our relationship with form.  He "knew" concepts just like we do.  But sometimes he used a special word.  This word (translated as "to know") is a word that implied intimate experiencing.  As an example: "Adam knew Eve and they had a child."

This kind of intimate knowing is why the formless manifests as form to know the formless.

And they said, “Why do you speak to them in parables?”  And he answered them, “To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven

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Holēs en pantes (all in all)

The grammar may not be right but the concept is. The title may have your brain rooting around the English for an image that was unintended, but even that image may provide some insight. Holes in panties (or underwear for the boys). Nobody sees them but you know about them. The cliché is “make sure…

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Interwoven Dance of Intimacy

In the last few posts I’ve tried to paint a picture of union in Jesus with some of the reasons and outcomes.  It is a difficult perspective for us in the west.  Western Christianity has much of its roots founded in the teaching of Augustine who got his foundation from pagan Greek philosophy and religion.…

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His Touch

In the last post I talked about how knowing what God says, thinks, feels, cherishes and writes down about you is how we come to know Him as He knows us.  Remember He is God and knows everything.  So His knowing us isn’t knowledge like we understand.  He isn’t learning facts about you.  He already knows…

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God’s one-step program

Are you in desperate need of a program?  Are you just not complete without some steps?  Do you need some guidelines to feel safe?  Do you need counseling to keep you on track?  It isn’t found in a religious club.  All those answers you are looking for are found in Jesus. We don’t need crutches.…

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