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Facts or Truth

I had a class in grad school that was pretty tough.  It was a class on theoretical aerodynamics (yep I am one of those).  We would start a theoretical proof from some basic assumptions that we knew were true like pressure varies with temperature (ideal gas law) and other really geeky boring stuff for most…

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Slavery is a life of no options.  Self-life is slavery.  Before the cross all you knew was selfish with a healthy dose of Sin input.  Anything was OK for us.  We had a conscience as a product of wrong fruit ingestion but it didn’t matter.  The thought of being without something was much more powerful than…

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Gum Wrappers

John 14:15 “If you love me you will keep my commandments.” In 2004 I made my prodigal return.  In the season before that time God, to me, was distant, detached, sterile and very godfather like.  I saw Him as a judge and ticket taker for the great banquet.  Jesus was a total mystery to me also. …

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