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Swimming with the fishes

I’ve been to Key West, Florida a few times.  To really enjoy Key West you need to get in the water.  Whether it is on a boat or wading in the surf or swimming, Key West isn’t Key West until you get wet. One year I went there for business and we had a day…

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Holēs en pantes (all in all)

The grammar may not be right but the concept is. The title may have your brain rooting around the English for an image that was unintended, but even that image may provide some insight. Holes in panties (or underwear for the boys). Nobody sees them but you know about them. The cliché is “make sure…

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Interwoven Dance of Intimacy

In the last few posts I’ve tried to paint a picture of union in Jesus with some of the reasons and outcomes.  It is a difficult perspective for us in the west.  Western Christianity has much of its roots founded in the teaching of Augustine who got his foundation from pagan Greek philosophy and religion.…

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