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Fearfully Remade

This has been a “fearfully remade” journey of excitement and anticipation.  You should check out the last two posts if you missed them.  We have been on an exploration of the “fear of the Lord.”  If you have been keeping up you should be feeling much better about the “fear of the Lord” and ready to put to bed…

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The Ring

A couple are having dinner and there is a disagreement. The man was late for dinner. The woman is upset because they had a scheduled time to meet. The man looks deeply into her eyes and says “I love you and yes I was late but there are things I do that you don’t need…

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Flesh and Spirit: part 4

Flesh and Spirit will always be with us.   If you haven’t been following check out the first Flesh and Spirit post here.  I’ve spent some time contrasting the two but the reality is both are a part of us.  It isn’t a war, it is a reality.  We have our flesh that is learning a…

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