No separation at all no way no how – Part IV

I could go on and on about our union with Jesus.  I could pontificate forever about our oneness with the Holy Spirit.  I really could dazzle you with more and more diatribe about our total and absolute inclusion in God.  And when I was done with that I could remind you that YOU ARE ABBA’s […]

No separation at all no way no how – Part II

In the first of these posts I tried to make an argument that our fallen understanding of separation started in the garden and was the catalyst for the fall itself.  You can check out that post here. This idea of separation from God, which is the fuel for fallen-Adam religion, is the very thing that Jesus came […]

We ARE the tabernacle of God.

In the last post I talked about how we are the tabernacle of God.  The symbolism of the tabernacle and how it relates to us is quite astonishing, really.  Of course you have to get past the legal categories, the good-bad filter and the desperate need for a literal understanding of the Bible.  Are you […]

Where are my demons? – two

In the last post I posed the question “where do the demons come from?”  If you just can’t wait any longer go to the end of the post and find out.  If you want to take the journey with me, read ahead. We really don’t recognize how deep are our paradigms.  Our perspectives and lenses […]

Why the cross? – part four

When I was a kid in elementary school nobody talked about ADD or ADHD.  If there was another kid in your class that was disruptive all the time, people would call him hyper.  “Wow that kid is really hyper.”  Of course labels suck and wrong diagnosis is tragic.  Still you have an appreciation for the […]

The Schism Within

John 14:20 In that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you. (ESV) What happened in the Garden of Eden was tragic in so many ways.  The root was the fruit. The consumption of the fruit of the tree so messed up our psyche that […]

Cow Tipping

After the last post I felt maybe you needed a break from all the angry God talk since, of course, that g.o.d. isn’t real and it hurts your mind of Christ to imagine a Father who is actually a monster.  Wow there I go again.  So in this post how about we have some fun. […]