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Pick The Red One

Years ago, back in my prodigal days, I had to buy a car.  Our family was growing and my college Volkswagen Bug wasn’t cutting the mustard anymore.  So I needed a new car.  Like most everything I do (or did at that time) I started the research to determine what the best options were.  I…

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We have formulas for everything.  We can’t get up and get dressed without following some kind of formula.  We know that you put on underwear before pants.  In a previous post I discussed how in the Greek the word that would be translated formula or recipe is the same word used for the marks or…

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Splinter #2

In Splinters we laid the groundwork for pulling out those nasty little lies that the enemy uses to deceive us into blaming God for all kinds of stuff.  We removed Splinter #1 by reminding us of the cosmic battle that is raging around us and has been since before we were formed from the dust.  That…

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