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Ginger snaps and Jack hugs

Do you have a favorite food? Do you have a not so favorite food? We all have foods we like and dislike based on taste or texture or smell or some other sense. Often we have experience to support our assertion that food is good or bad based mostly on our opinion. Sometimes we have…

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A better diet…Jesus

Why didn’t Eve call God into the discussion? Where was God in that story of fruit and trees and snakes? He was right there with Adam and in Adam and in Eve and with Eve. God breathed His life breath into each of them. So where was God?  This is the deception that we still…

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Hunger Games

Have you ever been hungry, I mean really hungry?  We’ve all missed a meal here or there or ate late or had to wait a long time for a table…but that isn’t the famished kind of hungry. I had to attend a search and evasion school when I first joined the Navy.  We sat in…

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