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Him catching us

“God is good but…”  “God is love but…” Want to see someone get really upset about a good thing?  Tell a religious person God is good and always good and is love and always in love and He does not need a payment for sin.  That will get a reaction for sure.  Of course I…

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Splinter #2

In Splinters we laid the groundwork for pulling out those nasty little lies that the enemy uses to deceive us into blaming God for all kinds of stuff.  We removed Splinter #1 by reminding us of the cosmic battle that is raging around us and has been since before we were formed from the dust.  That…

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Falling from Grace

When you want something, really really want it, you will likely do anything to get it. That includes God Himself. I am so desperate for more of God, more of His presence, more of His truth, more of His love, more of His conversation, more of Him. Even though it is God I want, even…

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