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Cat and a bath

Are you a cat lover?  I have a few cats.  (Seems like I have always had a cat or two around the house.  Maybe I am a cat lover?)  Whether you love them or not if you have been around cats at all you know they are peculiar critters.  They all have unique personalities but…

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Free Will…eeee!

I’ve chewed on this one for quite some time.  There is more to understand but I want to take a stab at one of the more “touchy” concepts out there. You will hear in any teaching the concept that “God gave us free will.”  We use that to make all kinds of excuses why stuff…

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100 Balloons!!!

This is the 100th post of alancetotheheart!  It started with balloons and this painting by my daughter (she is awesome): Since then there have been 99 balloon rides of discovery.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey.  Here are a couple of stats for those that like that kind of stuff. This post has been…

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