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Good fire from Heaven

What do you know about Elijah?  There are some pretty amazing stories about this guy and his exploits.  In the last post I talked about how Elijah called down “bad fire” from heaven to kill captains of the King’s army.  Jesus is the one who pointed out to His disciples that Elijah was working from…

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Elijah and the wrong spirit

In the last two posts I’ve talked about perspective and how I think we should approach the “shadows” of things to come: Col 2: 17 These are a shadow of the things to come, but the substance belongs to Christ (ESV) Even the image of God, as portrayed in the Old Testament stories, is a shadow…

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If you ask someone what they think of Heaven most often you will get a very positive response.  Unless the person is a self-professed atheist or a God hater they will probably say Heaven sounds like a wonderful place.  So I wonder why so much resistance to the Kingdom of Heaven?  Jesus said we should…

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