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Ginger snaps and Jack hugs

Do you have a favorite food? Do you have a not so favorite food? We all have foods we like and dislike based on taste or texture or smell or some other sense. Often we have experience to support our assertion that food is good or bad based mostly on our opinion. Sometimes we have…

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Paradigm Shift

Jesus didn’t die to save us FROM God. Just let that sink in for a second.  Maybe read it again.  Go ahead, it is OK to read it again. Do you know that the teaching of the western “church” since about 1000 AD and institutionalized in the reformation is that Jesus died to save us…

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Master Lord King Father

We have become a fatherless society.  OK, maybe too strong of a statement and not universal, but the enemy has been attacking fatherhood from the very beginning.  Since the fall we have given the enemy all kinds of opportunity to destroy the family unit, especially the father-child relationship.  God’s design is perfect but our perception…

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