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Witnessing the “wrath of God?”

Have you witnessed the “wrath of God?”  I think I have.  The wrath of God is what happens when human violence meets God’s forgiveness. It is when human anger meets eternal life. It is when human vengeance meets God’s goodness. It is when human justice meets God’s redemption. It is when Faith in WHAT we know meets Faith in WHO we know.…

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Cat and a bath

Are you a cat lover?  I have a few cats.  (Seems like I have always had a cat or two around the house.  Maybe I am a cat lover?)  Whether you love them or not if you have been around cats at all you know they are peculiar critters.  They all have unique personalities but…

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The Infamous Thorn

Maybe you have heard the reference “thorn in my flesh.”  I would say most people have.  I want to use this post to put an end to a few lies concerning this reference.  If this post impacts you, I would encourage you to pass it along.  We have to spread the truth and crush the…

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