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Heavenly accounting

This life we have here, in this form, on this planet, with our friends and family and opportunities is very short compared to our eternal potential.  It is easy to get distracted now and miss a present moment for a future possibility.  We shouldn’t be taking one step and then another on this walk just…

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Free Will…eeee!

I’ve chewed on this one for quite some time.  There is more to understand but I want to take a stab at one of the more “touchy” concepts out there. You will hear in any teaching the concept that “God gave us free will.”  We use that to make all kinds of excuses why stuff…

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Pick The Red One

Years ago, back in my prodigal days, I had to buy a car.  Our family was growing and my college Volkswagen Bug wasn’t cutting the mustard anymore.  So I needed a new car.  Like most everything I do (or did at that time) I started the research to determine what the best options were.  I…

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