Abraham saw this

This journey we are on is about enlightenment.  We are the divine manifestation of the divine in this temporal reality still one with the eternal reality.  OK, that is very heady, I get it, but often words fall short of what is a truth of the Kingdom.  We are waking up from a dream.  We … Continue reading Abraham saw this

Hypothesis of Faith

I think most people are familiar with the concept of an experiment.  Think back to your days in chemistry class.  There are the beakers and test tubes neatly arranged on your experiment table.  Maybe you have a bunsen burner fired up, some goggles donned and notebook ready for copious notes (which you never took because … Continue reading Hypothesis of Faith

Who is He really?

So much of what Jesus did for us is related to our identity.  So much of our walk in this life is about His identity.  Maybe it is bigger than that simple observation.  Maybe it transcends observation altogether and it is the core of God's message.  Maybe everything we think we know (apart from Jesus) … Continue reading Who is He really?