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Surrendered to faith

Balance What?

So there is still one thing that gets me worked up; when I hear people who want to limit God. I know God can defend Himself and actually is so secure that He doesn’t need to. Still, I find myself wanting to engage. I hear often from believers that say “Grace needs to be balanced.…

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Jumbo Shrimp

Ever notice that God seems to like paradoxes?  You know all the references like first and last, die to live, humbled and exalted…you get the idea.  The crazy thing is it may not make sense from a worldly perspective but absolutely makes sense from God’s perspective.  It has everything to do with our relationship with…

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Three Doors

I see things so differently now.  Before I felt lost, without purpose, floundering in my hurts and hangups, desperate to find “the more.”  Now I have purpose, finally feel free and get to live the life of Christ.  I may have been “born again” years ago, but only now do I feel alive.  Much of…

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Puffed up or edified?

God provided faith comes by hearing and accepting as we listen intently to the breathed utterance and loving narrative about Jesus (Rom 10:17 Lance Literal Translation). I’ve always been a left brain person. I love to figure things out. It is exciting when I have a thought or think about a problem differently and out…

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Become like children

What do you think when you read a verse like this one: Matthew 18:3  (KJV)  3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. I know in my past I was “strongly encouraged” to REPENT!!! and be a…

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