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What happens when we surrender to faith

The Gate

Since the fall, our brains see through law.  When we ate from the wrong tree we took on a law way of thinking.  We thought in terms of lists.  In the original language, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a tree that made us aware of what is good or bad…

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The Obedience of Christ

In my last post I suggested that a greater understanding of Jesus on the cross is possible when we see Jesus, like us, fully man.  When we see His weaknesses were like ours, when we see His vulnerability to temptation was like ours, when we see His human nature had to be like ours for…

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Foxes and Holes

One of my persistent prayers is that God would reveal to me a greater understanding of Jesus Christ and Him crucified like Paul’s desire in 1 Cor 2:2.  I don’t mean a greater academic understanding.  I mean to know that I know.  I want to understand completely in my innermost man.  I truly believe that…

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Wisdom Stereogram

Have you ever looked at one of those stereograms before?  Here is one to look at.  So you don’t go crazy, you are looking for two dolphins jumping out of the waves.  Blow up the picture on your screen and stare “through” it while looking at the center.  Let your eyes go out of focus…

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