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I bet everyone who lives in the US knows what NOTW stands for.  This symbol is everywhere. Do we really know what it means?  For the clothes maker it is a symbol of their merchandise.  For the religious it is a declaration that “our good behavior sets us apart from the world’s bad behavior.”  For…

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The rest of the story

Maybe you have heard of Paul Harvey.  He had a radio program years ago and one of his segments was “The rest of the story.”  He would tell you about some historical event or invention or some other interesting subject and then tell you the rest of the story or the story behind the story. …

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God With Us

I don’t know if you watched the “mini-series” the Bible. I really enjoyed it. They took a portion of that production and made the movie “Son of God” that was released to the theaters. That was a really awesome experience. There was this phrase that the Israelites used often in the movie; “God is with…

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