Flesh and Spirit: part 1

Flesh and Spirit.  When you see those words together do you have a reaction?  Religion uses these terms to manipulate and terrorize people into obedient submission.  Pastors use the “you better not be living in the flesh” threat to keep people behaving (at least on the outside).  In this journey of “gifts” (check out this post) […]

The Infamous Thorn

Maybe you have heard the reference “thorn in my flesh.”  I would say most people have.  I want to use this post to put an end to a few lies concerning this reference.  If this post impacts you, I would encourage you to pass it along.  We have to spread the truth and crush the […]

He meets us where we are.

God meets us where we are. That is amazing if you can see it. Jesus came to the earth as a man. Yes he lived a sinless life and was a perfect example of a humbled, surrendered Son of God. But think about this: We, mankind, were afraid of God because of our sin and […]